Vim All The Things: Adding Keyboard Bindings to My Favorite Tools

Reading Time: 2 minutes

First things first, I suck at Vim. So don’t expect this post to be about how to be a Vim god, nor will I teach you how to use it.

But I love this text editor! It takes me away from having to reach my mouse, saving precious battery (I think), and arm movement (how lazy can I get).

I hope to master Vim as time goes along. As with other things I bother learning though, I’m in no hurry.

What’s Vim, you ask? You’ve made it through 3 paragraphs already. Seems like you’re pretty interested. Here’s an article that may help you. 

So what’s this post all about?

Let me focus on how I set up Vim-like bindings for the bash terminal prompt, VS Code ♥️, and Chrome. Yes, even in Chrome. I also configured Vim to serve as both my Git Mergetool and Difftool via VimDiff. This way I get to exercise my Vim-muscle fibers. I hope so will you. Continue reading